Extending R&D assets to find 1+1=3

Ellen Marrison
Amanda Schroeder
Amy Hopper
03 May 2022
2:00 pm
Breakouts I

Extending R&D assets to find 1+1=3

R&D is risky and costly – and getting more expensive each year, particularly lab facilities, equipment, and other instrumentation. Fortunately, there is a way to stretch R&D investments while also encouraging collaboration. We’ll explore transferable approaches that are being used to connect university researchers with one another, specialized research facilities and equipment and with innovation-centered industry to lower costs and broaden research capabilities. Bring questions, share your ideas, and learn from practitioners who have stood up shared facilities programs to benefit their regions.


  • Amy Hopper, Program Manager, Arkansas Research Alliance
  • Amanda Schroeder, VP, Marketing and Community Relations, Georgia Research Alliance


  • Ellen Marrison, Content Strategist, SSTI