Regional partnerships — is herding cats easier?

Nelson Peacock
David L. Johnson
Mark Skinner
04 May 2022
10:15 am
Breakouts IV

Regional partnerships — is herding cats easier?

Billions of dollars are being spent by federal, state and local governments, universities and the private sector in regions all across the country to support a diverse pool of more than 1,000 programs and initiatives dedicated to increasing local, innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Leadership models to ensure the shared grand vision for their region is achieving the desired effectiveness from all of those activities and investments vary substantially. In this session we’ll dive into two approaches to regional coordination that are simultaneously achieving near-term results and long-term positive change, but probably not without a few knocks, bumps and pivots along the way toward their record of success.


  • David L. Johnson, President & CEO, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership
  • Nelson Peacock, President & CEO, Northwest Arkansas Council


  • Mark Skinner, Vice President, SSTI