Remote work: Talent attraction and development

Laura Lacy Graham
Justin Harlan
Dan Belyea
04 May 2022
10:15 am
Breakouts IV

Remote work: Talent attraction and development

At least 53 communities in 24 states and Puerto Rico are seeking new residents through remote work by offering cash, covering moving costs or providing other incentives. Other communities, particularly in rural areas, have launched initiatives preparing a remote workforce to remain in town. Though the idea of remote work and talent attraction of those workers started before the pandemic, COVID-19 has accelerated the movement. What is working and what does the future look like in talent attraction and remote workforce development? How has remote work spurred states to attract talent? And how are educational institutions working with industry and preparing workers for this new phase? Join this group of leaders who are working to revitalize their regions through innovative remote workforce initiatives.


  • Dan Belyea, Chief Workforce Development Officer, Maine Community College System
  • Justin Harlan, Managing Director, Tulsa Remote


  • Laura Lacy Graham, Policy Analyst, SSTI