Uniquely Arkansas – but is it?

Uniquely Arkansas – but is it?

While you’re here in Arkansas, let’s complete your trip with a spin through the Natural State’s innovation network. You can choose your own adventure as you explore the ways Arkansas drives its new-age economy. Interactive group discussions will break down big questions, such as: “How can public-private partnerships advance innovation in key economic sectors?”, “How does a researcher make the jump to entrepreneur?”, and “Where is startup capital in the Heartland?”. Like any worthwhile travel experience, we’ll compare notes and see if your landscape back home is so different from Arkansas’. If so, how, and what can we learn from one another?


  • Bryan Barnhouse, President & CEO, Arkansas Research Alliance


  • Jerry Adams, Founding President/CEO (Retired), Arkansas Research Alliance
  • Jeff Amerine, Founder and Managing Director, Startup Junkie
  • Jeannette Balleza Collins, Director, Entrepreneurial Development, Northwest Arkansas Council
  • Douglas Hutchings, Director of ARA Academy, Arkansas Research Alliance
  • Carol Reeves, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Retired), University of Arkansas
  • David Sanders, Director of Innovate Arkansas, Winrock International
  • Kevin W. Sexton, Director/President BioVentures
  • Matthew Ward, Consultant, Startup Junkie Foundation; Director, Fuel, Startup Junkie