When to contract out your regional capacity development efforts

When to contract out your regional capacity development efforts

When a region identifies a new TBED need, questions arise as to which existing organization and staff have the right expertise, availability and mindset to achieve success. Public and non-profit entities are often the answer, because these organizations are well-suited to keeping the initiative’s focus on local prosperity, making long-term commitments, and weathering periods of low program income. However, a growing number of for-profit firms are offering to provide regions with innovation-entrepreneur support services, to direct local investment funds and to manage high-quality R&D facilities while balancing profit and economic development goals. Results for communities are, frankly, mixed. During this highly interactive session, we’ll work openly and honestly with selected pros to develop takeaways toward the benefits and trade-offs for when and when not to contract, the hard questions to ask candidate firms, and the dos and don’ts before handing over your local TBED service delivery.


  • Jeff Amerine, Founder and Managing Director, Startup Junkie
  • Ariel Gruswitz, Director, Consulting Services, Facility Logix, LLC
  • Stephen Parker, Vice President, Public Affairs, gener8tor
  • Ursula Powidzki, SVP, Connections and Insights, Ancora


  • Mark Skinner, Vice President, SSTI